Hey, beauty!

I’m so pumped that you’re here and even more happy that you’re curious about living your most joyful, fulfilling life.

I’m Cait: a Radiant Living coach, founder of Radiant Living School, RYT-500 yoga & meditation teacher, and personal transformation catalyst.

My core purpose is to ignite a Radiant Living revolution that empowers others to live, love and lead with no-holding-back, feel-it-in-your-bones, unapologetically CONTAGIOUS RADIANCE.

And that’s what I do!

I help big-hearted people LIKE YOU break free from negative patterns, burst into the most brilliant version of themselves and become the leaders, lovers, and luminaries they were born to be.  

I believe deeply that change starts from within.

I am passionate about supporting people to become the most expressed, confident and joyful version of themselves in order to shine in work, love and life.

And guess what?

This work became my passion because I know just how awful it can be to feel stuck, looking for answers and without a clue where to start.

To KNOW you were born to feel happy, empowered and whole but to have zero idea how to break free of the patterns that are keeping you in a negative spiral of self-doubt and fear.

I’m here to help you SHED the limiting beliefs holding you back and STEP INTO the soul-filled, purposeful, passionate inspired life YOU WERE MEANT TO HAVE. And with a hefty dose of self-love, I will show you how that journey can be filled with grace, ease and freedom.

And sister, believe me: I know all too well how crazy-making and painful it feels to live as something other than the truth of who you are. To grind away at your job with a gnawing sense of, I WAS MADE FOR SO MUCH MORE THAN THIS. To feel the miserable weight of your gifts going unused inside of you.

To move on autopilot through your days focused on performing and people-pleasing, all the while putting your real dreams, passions and creative aspirations on the back-burner.

For years, I moved through my days operating like my own biggest critic instead of my own biggest ally. Even though I desperately wanted to feel better, to feel confident, joyful, and radiant, I had zero idea how to make the shift.

When I hit rock bottom, I knew something had to change.

I had to find a way to break free from the stuck, pent-up, uninspired anxious mess I felt like to the joyful, creative, confident, generous, courageous, brimming-with-love being that I could feel dying to burst open and shine through me.

So I made a commitment to myself. I chose to invest in my own thriving and devoted myself whole-heartedly to changing my life by changing myself from the inside out. And that meant some stuff had to go.

Ego-driven-fears-running-the-show, see ya later.

Holding-back-because-I-was-terrified-of-both-failure-AND-success, adios!

Making-bad-choices-because-I-wasn’t-ready-to-claim-my-power, sayonara!

Delaying-action-and-avoiding-personal-responsibility, buh-bye!

I dove in and didn’t look back. Through years of committed study, training and practice, I strengthened new habits of mind and action that UPLIFTED, EMPOWERED and ENERGIZED me from the inside out.

And let me tell you, beauty. The result was tangible, mind-blowing, soul-shaking transformation.

My life turned from a flailing, fearful paralyzing pit of “no’s” to a radiant, soulful, abundant flow of YES’s.

And I want to show you how to do the same.

A Bit About Me: (aka the profesh bio)

Cait Scudder is a Radiant Living Coach and founder of Radiant Living School. She helps soul-centered people on a mission to live true become the most radiant version of themselves in order to lead the vibrant lives of meaning, impact and happiness they were destined to live.

With generous warmth, no-bullshit wisdom and fierce love, Cait is an expert at guiding others to break free from limiting beliefs and behavior patterns in order to amplify the love, happiness, health, and impact in their lives. She teaches her clients how to manifest the life of their dreams by transforming and aligning themselves from the inside out.

A former closeted bright star, Cait’s journey has taken her from New England to  Bali. She holds a Masters of Arts in Teaching and is an international workshop facilitator, speaker, retreat leader and RYT-500 yoga and meditation teacher. When she’s not pumping out inspirational content or working with clients, you can find her smashing a green smoothie bowl, running in the rice fields, or belly down on the couch plotting her next adventure.

Her work has appeared in MindBodyGreen, Elephant Journal and Yoganonymous, among other publications.