Radiant Living Business Mastermind

Will give you structure and step-by-step support you need to unleash your radiance and takeyour business idea from nebulous concept to money-making brand.

Radiant Living School

Ready to burst into the most brilliant version of yourself? Join Radiant Living School and get ready to SHINE like never before!

If you want to:

  • find and live your soul’s true purpose
  • share your unique gifts with the world
  • bring your passions to life and finally make that thing you’ve been dying to create
  • find your soul tribe and form part of a powerful sisterhood of rising women leaders
  • connect with an incredible tribe of women from around the globe who get you and fully support your mission to live your truth
  • add inspiring, nourishing, kick-ass motivational content to your daily diet (exclusive only to Radiant Living Schoolers)
  • stay fit, fueled, grounded and energized in mind, body and soul
  • learn the self-care tips, tools and techniques essential to sustaining yourself as a powerful female leader from the inside out
  • be accountable to rise up, step out and live as your most radiant self

welcome to Radiant Living School: the online personal potential school for soul-centered women ready to SHINE.

Like an on-going yoga retreat for your soul 


  • Inspiring, ever-changing monthly content packed with videos, lessons, exercises and assignments to keep you rising to your personal best
  • Weekly motivational group coaching calls live with Cait to connect with the tribe and dive deep into wins and challenges (over 5 hours of coaching time with me EACH MONTH!)
  • Radiant Living School self-care trainings, including exclusive yoga, meditation, and radiance rituals content
  • Wisdom-packed guest speaking appearances by powerhouse inspirational women leading radiant lives of meaning.
  • Monthly book group where we unpack an inspiring motivational text each month and pull out the wisdom nuggets in community

Unlock your core desires, align your life to support those desires and burst into new shades brilliance in your work, love and life.

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Replenish: The Self Care E-Course for Mind, Body and Soul

Self-care is the foundation of happiness, health and skillful action in the world.

Replenish is a juicy self-paced e-course designed for modern people living busy lives. In this four-week journey into the art and science of self-care, learn to replenish your own well in order to maximize your happiness and vitality.

Dive into the root causes of fatigue and burnout, discover tangible tools for shifting the patterns that often lead to habitual energy depletion, and learn how to shift your daily routines and rituals to embody your most rejuvenated, revitalized self no matter how busy you are.

  • Unpack the core causes of recurring stress, overwhelm and emotional burnout.
  • Embody the wisdom and pleasure of taking care of ourselves — in body, mind and spirit — as a sacred responsibility.
  • Learn practical, tangible tools and how to incorporate them into the rhythm of daily life
  • Explore the art and science of self-care systems that nourish us place to consistently refill our own well.
  • Weekly lessons, videos and workbook.
  • Daily Wisdom Nuggets, private Facebook Group support and exclusive access to the  Replenish toolkit


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